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All our artificial grass surfaces have been carefully selected, to offer the very best in the market.

We offer premium landscaping artificial that really sets us apart from the rest. You wont find this in your local DIY store and garden centre. 

Get your self some samples ordered to see what we are talking about!

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Majestic 38

£20.00 £24.00

With its beautiful green pile being a pleasure to gaze upon, our Majestic grass is super soft giving the ultimate feel under foot making it perfect for relaxing on those warm summer days.

This is very much a premium grass that will make your lawn unbelievably comfortable under foot.

  • Pile height: 38mm
  • Total weigth: 2895 (g/m2)
  • Backing: Latex
  • Material: PE 4.500 - PP 3.200
  • Avalaible: 4m and 2m width
  • Made in: Holland 

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